Reverse Due Date Calc

A reverse due date calculator is the exact opposite of a due date calculator. A due date calculator works when you know the date of your last menstrual period (lmp) and it helps you predict baby’s due date from there. But a reverse due date calculator works when you know your due date, but you’re not exactly sure when you had sex or conceived the baby.

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Conception date calculator: enter the birthday and get the day of conception calculated (date and period of conception for birth at full-term as well as for pre- and postterm delivery – adjusted by gestation week on delivery)

Calculate your pregnancy estimated due date (EDD) and start of trimester dates based on last menstrual period or conception date. And generate your pregnancy calendar showing gestational age or countdown to baby’s estimated due date.

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Your due date is calculated by adding 280 days (40 weeks) to the first day of your last menstrual period (assuming a 28 day cycle). note that your menstrual period and ovulation are counted as the first two weeks of pregnancy. If you deliver on your due date, your baby is actually only 38 weeks old, not 40. Your due date is only an estimate

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Pregnancy Calculator estimates your baby’s due date, date of conception. menstrual cycle planning calculator forecasts if your period will occur on the date you specify. Trying to Conceive Calculator shows how long to get pregnant. Plus pregnancy length calculator, retro conception calculator, more

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Naegele's Rule - How to Calculate Your Due Date Reverse Pregnancy Calculator is a pregnancy planner showing approximately when conception should occur. Retro Pregnancy Calculator shows conception date based on birth date.

4 days ago. Use this due date calculator to find out when you're due, how many. You can also use this calculator as a reverse due date calculator to find.